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Field day with associates.

Cosulati's priority, based on the cooperativist principles, is training its associates on the use of production techniques in the most efficient way. Therefore, Cosulati is looking after new technologies for its producers, while technologies applied to management techniques indicate a cost saving the greater is the production efficiency on the fields.

Field day with associates.

Silaging machine loan program.

Based on such needs, the Technical and Communication Departments carry out the following efforts with its associate staff, aiming at improving the quality of raw material going to industrial plants:

  • "O Recado da Cosulati" Magazine, featuring technical information to producer;
  • Participation and organization of field days, fairs and events related to the activity sector;
  • Joint research with other entities and research centers, on the economic feasibility of new technologies;
  • Financing for seeds, inputs and limestone;
  • Transfer of semen through insemination centers, making high genetic standard semen available at a reduced cost;
  • Training and organization of groups for vaccination against brucellosis;
  • Training of associates and their children, fostering the continuity and renewal on field;
  • Financing of matrices, for increasing the production, income and maintenance of the associate in the activity;
  • Free lease of refrigerators;
  • Freight refund in milk carriage, as Danby/Cosulati animal food;
  • Provision of haying and silaging equipment for the production of bulky food conserved in the properties, ensuring low cost food to animals on hard times;
  • Opening of Inputs Stores, with broad portfolio of agricultural products, vet medicines, and hygiene and cleaning materials for milking machines;
  • Technical assistance specialized and vet assistance.

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