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Canguçu Coopermarket

Cosulati, to get closer to its associates and ground the family agriculture's self-sustainable development, making the small property and, hence, the producer's remaining on the field economically feasible, keeps in its list of plants seven Inputs and Agricultural Products Stores.

These projects by Cosulati offer its associates and the producers in the South region of the state the work and income from small property and culture diversification, preventing the rural exodus. At Cosulati Inputs Stores, the associate finds products daily required for handling production, equipment for the maintenance of milking and refrigerator machines, animal food and food supplements for bovines, seeds and fertilizers, all that with specialized technical assistance. There, producer finds accessible prices and payment flexibility as well. Input and Agricultural Products Stores are in Pelotas, Morro Redondo, Canguçu, Arroio do Padre, Alto Alegre, Arroio Grande and Pinheiro Machado.

The cooperative Products Store are a reference address for the regional community, cooperates and collaborators to buy the entire dairy and poultry range, with the renowned brand Danby/Cosulati. There the consumer finds cheese; cream-cheese, cheddar, fine herbs, traditional and light; milk cream; milk fudge; condensed milk, the traditional ingredient of Pelotas dainties; butter with and without salt, keeping remarkable characteristics as its color and different flavor for more than 50 years; light butter with fibers; whole, low fat and semi-skimmed milk; dairy beverages; milk powder in sachet or can; in addition to entire chickens or in refrigerated and frozen cuts.

The Products Stores are in the municipalities of Pelotas, Morro Redondo, Canguçu, Arroio do Padre, Cerrito, Arroio Grande and Pinheiro Machado have special parking lot and open from Mondays to Fridays, from 8:30 AM to 11:30, and from 13:30 to 6:30 PM.

Loja de Produtos Danby Praça Vinte de Setembro 301
Centro Pelotas / RS CEP: 96015360
Fone/ Fax: 53 3284 5200/ 32845248/ 3284 5252

Loja de Insumos Cosulati Praça Vinte de Setembro 301
Centro Pelotas / RS CEP: 96015360
Fone/ Fax: 53 3284 5200/ 3284 5229 5328.

Coopermercado 02 Av. Jacarandá 220
Morro Redondo / RS Cep: 96150 000
Fone / Fax: 53 3224 0222

Coopermercado 03 Canguçu Rua Getulio Vargas, 1121
Vila Isabel - Canguçu/RS CEP:96600 000
Fone /Fax: 53 3252 1357

Coopermercado 04 Av. Vinte e Cinco de Julho, 825
Arroio do Padre/RS Cep: 96.155-000
Fone/Fax: 53 3224 9144

Coopermercado 05 BR 293 - km 47 de Alto Alegre
Cerrito / RS Cep: 96395-000
Fone:(53) 9964 6032

Loja de Produtos Danby e Insumos Agropecuários Av. Visconde de Mauá n° 1628
Arroio Grande / RS Cep: 96330
Fone: 53 32621009

Loja de Produtos Danby e Insumos Agropecuários Rua Dr. Barcellos, 972
Pinheiro Machado / RS Cep: 96470-000
Fone: 53 3248 3048

Administrative Headquarters Praça Vinte de Setembro, 281 / Pelotas-RS Brazil
Phone: (53) 3284 5200 / 0800 64 55 200