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Junta General de Accionistas

Cooperativa Sul-Rio-Grandense de Laticnios Ltda. (COSULATI), was founded on September 21, 1973, following the merger of Cooperativa Regional de Laticnios Pelotense Ltda. - COOLAPEL, founded in 1932, and Cooperativa Regional de Laticnios da Regio Sudoeste do RS a COLACTI, founded in 1955. The merger had as purpose joining the region's cooperativism powers and congregating all those dedicated to rural production, in particular, those developing milk production activities, setting the broadest social and economic defense under the cooperativist principles.

Cosulati's associates live in 38 municipalities in the South region of the state. Industrial facilities, changing the raw material made by cooperative members, are in three municipalities: Capo do Leo, Morro Redondo and Canguu.

Cosulati's as cooperative organization, involving direct and indirectly around 20,000 people, complies with the universal principles of cooperativism in its daily routine, in its relationship with associates, collaborators, partners and community in general. It has as mission to consolidate the milk, poultry and cereals chain in the state of Rio Grande do Sul through the cooperative activity, enabling the producer's best quality of life, making its remaining on the field easier. It intends to ensure the associates' participation in the administration, management and honesty in actions, helping the producer's growth, based on motivation and always aiming at the producer remaining on the field the quality of its raw material.

Administrative Headquarters Praça Vinte de Setembro, 281 / Pelotas-RS Brazil
Phone: (53) 3284 5200 / 0800 64 55 200