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Quality policy

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Given the complexity of the unit located in Capão do Leão, where 39 different products are made, and Cosulati's continuous concern about offering highest quality products, the cooperative has a Quality Control system for more than 15 years. This system includes physical and chemical and microbiological control analyses on the different phases of each of our process lines (raw material, critical issues in the production line and finished product).

The control results mobilize a collaborators team every day, who assess the performance achieved by a certain process line. Meanwhile, there are also controls made at the warehouse level, to control the entrance of ingredients, additives, inputs, packages etc., so that they are under the technical specifications agreed with each vendor.

Finally, there is a collaborators team making the final assessment of each product, including sensorial analysis, which enables the products release for shipping under the parameters of the legislation in force.

Based on this quality control system, Cosulati is constituting a team for implementing the Hazards and Control Critical Issues Analysis (APPCC) system at the short term.

It is important to emphasize the essential role of collaborators for this important system to work, be they Production Supervisors, Laboratory and Quality Control Supervisors and Assistants, production line supervisors, Operators, or those involved in the production process at any level

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