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Social Projects


Following its pioneering tradition, Cosulati was the first cooperative from Rio Grande do Sul to receive the Family Agriculture Seal (SIPAF), created by the Ministry of Agrarian Development.

This Seal works as a certificate and ensures that at least 51% of Cosulati's product major raw material is sourced from Family Agriculture, attesting again the Cooperative's effort with small producers towards promoting a fairer rural environment through sustainable production.


Every year Cosulati is granted the Social Responsibility Certificate by the House of Representatives of the State of Rio Grande do Sul. The award aims at fostering projects promoting the society's wellbeing and environment preservation in organizations from Rio Grande do Sul, acting like a rewarding to the joint efforts towards a better collectivity.

Administrative Headquarters Praça Vinte de Setembro, 281 / Pelotas-RS Brazil
Phone: (53) 3284 5200 / 0800 64 55 200