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Social and Environmental Responsability

Reforestation on Morro Redondo
Effluents Treatment Station

Committed to the environment and to a better future for the planet, Cosulati joins this battle that should be of all and any of us.

The cooperative's industrial units are duly licensed by the State Foundation of Environmental Protection (FEPAN), being constantly monitored. And, in the last few years, there were lots of initiatives related to environmental responsibility.

They include, among others: the construction of Water Treatment Station (ETA), next to the Dairy Unit and the Poultry Refrigerator Unit, for treating rain water; the construction of the Effluents Treatment Station (ETE), next to the Dairy Unit, the Poultry Refrigerator Unit and the Milk Receipt and Refrigerating Center in Santana do Livramento, for treating the solid and liquid waste and properly return them to nature; the creation of a 10-hectare Environmental Preservation Area with native species, next to the Dairy Unit; and 1370 hectares dedicated to reforestation, in the municipality of Morro Redondo and Canguu; in addition to the permanent Environmental Consulting.

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